Friday, February 27

Home schooling: Lazy Sundays

Given His family's amazing cooking skills, no wonder those music genes were so well bred. Luckily enough, He always has a playlist ready for those moments of post-meal summer laziness and last Sunday afternoon was no different.

We started of with some of New Zealand's finest, Minisnap, descendents of bonafide indie pop alumni The Bats. This time around, usual Bats lead Robert Scott makes way in the center spotlight for the lovely Kay Woodward. Her voice couldn't have better complimented the evident sweetness emerging throughout their first release Bounce Around (through Magic Marker).

And they have a video!

Soon followed Keeping up appearances, the third album by Stockholm's The Charade. With members deriving from the likes of Red Sleeping Beauty and The Shermans, this new release via Skipping Stones Records most definitely takes their pop-making skills to the next level with several party hit promises.

No word on new videos yet, but hopefully the unofficial song of Sweden's 2006 football til will hold everyone over for the time being:

The next band was a little harder to track... Robert Church & The Holy Community don't seem to have disclosed a lot of information about them aside this great interview in which the duo discusses their own music, influences, recommendations and the current Swedish music scene. I will take a wild guess that He came across this band from their cover of Dinosaur Jr's Little Furry Things for the Lost Sound Tapes Mother's Day 2008 compilation. This February's release of their full length debut Le Rouge is quickly being followed by another addition to their already extensive EP collection, Wizard On Fire, containing four new songs on 3" CD format as part of an EP series by Series Two Records) (also featuring: Double Dan, The Argyle Wishlist and Flannel)

While we nap for an extra 15 minutes, check out their adorable video for Captain D, shop for Minisnap merch or check out what Paste Magazine has to say about those lovely Charades.

Thursday, February 12

Between us

It's going to be one hell of a ride attempting to follow the man, but I'm willing to try my best to make him proud.

Meanwhile, you can witness my beloved one in action every Monday night if you happen to be Rio de Janeiro bound. Here we go!