Friday, March 13

Blazing: Decemberists and Camera Obscura

As 2009 slowly unfolds its clusterf*** of new releases by (most of our) dearly beloved bands, the time has finally come to buckle up for the long-awaited The Hazards of Love opera-rock by The Decemberists.

For those unsuccessful on surrounding themselves by tasseled pillows and indentured eunuchs, better luck is literally in store as many listening parties have been organized throughout indie shops across the U.S. of A. Portland gets the first class treatment as the band itself is scheduled for some silver-sharpie sign-ups at Music Millennium on March 24th (6-8pm). For the rest of us mortals, release dates follow digitally and "vinyly" on March 17th and everywhere else on CD March 24th.

Suggesting an illegal (and nearly irresistible) immediate download would probably set off the folks from Camera Obscura, who also had their newest work leaked out this week, My Maudlin Career. Without getting into the touchy merits of righteousness vs. curiosity, it's suffice to say the albums will undoubtly please not only their fans but longing Concretes fans, as producer Jari Haapalainen steps up adding the perfect amount of "chamberness" to the tracks and a borderline-Swedish inclination to Tracyanne's voice.

Not convinced? Watch as they pull out a flawless spring hit out of their sleeve:

Follow their adventure as you shop for Portland's finest and brace yourself: this decade is going out with a bang!

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