Tuesday, March 24


One of the perks of A Maldita are precious little once-in-a-lifetime moments. Sometimes it's that one amazing forgotten song that will never be played again, sometimes it's a bunch of songs in a row from the same album (when it seems too much of a heresy to not follow through with the track listing), sometimes a full half hour worth of an artist. A wonderful recent one was a three-way play of Alison tracks, who seemingly broke many rocker's hearts if you are to believe these three gentlemen:

This reminds me of another inside joke: somewhere in this room, there is a napkin that reads: "Mojave 3 is the best band in history - Signed: Spiral Stairs" . It used to hang on the wall as alarming proof of the sort of damage excessive alcohol combined with stationary and drunk Pavement alter egos can do (endless fun ensues!). One could argue His sober self perhaps prefers Slowdive, but unquestionably, Neil Halstead is one beloved lad around these lands:

Spiral Stairs, if you're reading this, your identity has been temporarily stolen, but it's for a good cause!

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