Tuesday, March 3

Wish list: Bobby makes way

A while ago, le copain was roaming about in a quest for the recordings of Sweden's own Bobby Baby (a.k.a. Ella Blixt in solo music form). Firstly recording all songs on her own and releasing them through her website, she found a partner on net-label Corpid through which Some Place New was released on October 2005 and subsequently Four Remixes and Loves to Remix vol. 1 and 2. Soon followed her first actual EP, Loves to Dance through British indie label Red Letter Day Records on May, 2006.

Soon Malmö became too small for Ella, who upon moving to Berlin promptly started the wonderful It's a Musical with fellow swede Robert Kretzschmar (previously of Lady Boy). October 2008 saw the release of their debut album The music makes me sick through Morr Music. Borrowing influences from Burt Bacharach to Nico, Ella also paired up with German-based producer F.S. Blumm as Bobby & Blum for the release of their full length debut Everybody loves... under the same label on April, 2008.

On their website, the duo recounts:

"Everybody loves... was recorded 50 km north of Berlin, in a little house at the edge of the forest, in a room with wooden walls.. On "Everbody loves.." You will hear the crackling sounds of shellac-records, a caressing clothes-brush, some fingertips on greaseproof-paper, swinging coathangers in the nighttrain to cracow, flatwound-strings on a big guitar and above all a gentle and silky voice."

For more Bobby Baby download galore visit: http://www.bobbybaby.net/music.html

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