Thursday, March 26

All hail His Queen

Once in a purple moon (blue ones happen to often), when expectations are at their highest, they can actually be surpassed. Walking down Knightsbridge that afternoon, pass the park and into the breathtaking Royal Albert Hall, London already felt like the daydream of a lifetime. It could not, however, have prepared anyone for the religious experience that was coming next: seeing Feist work her magic. Magic is the perfect - if not only - word to describe the concert of a lifetime which we were privileged enough to attend. As luck would have it, two more dates were to follow, including a gigantic Canadian flag, firecrackers, a 50 euro lost bill and two music boxes. It all still (literally and constantly) resonates in our minds as it proves increasingly harder to describe and impossible to forget. Sometimes, the memory becomes overwhelming, words fail, joy triumphs. Today is one of those days:

Cheesiest post ever? Perhaps. Side effects of heaven...

(all photos by other fans properly credited here)

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