Monday, March 2

Maldita Hits: Pocketbooks - Fallen Leaves

One of my favourite (and surely most annoying) activities during the party is playing with the dance floor lights. The strobe and side lights help create the friendly shoegazing mood for all the resident air-guitarists, but every so often pops out a song that absolutely calls for the light globe, which otherwise remains mostly turned off. This magical moment is often preceded by a one-instrument break anticipating the blazing bopping-about moment and in this category, Londoners Pocketbooks have been taking the cake lately thanks to their helpless-dance-frenzy-inducing Fallen Leaves. Genetically speaking, if Belle & Sebastian and Ben Folds Five had a baby in 1997, this is what it would sound like. Judging from the potential of their Waking Up EP, good times are in store for their upcoming full length debut record Flight Paths expected to drop later this year (via How Does It Feel to be Loved?).

Can't wait to turn those lights on again! Meanwhile, make sure to check them out on tour if you're England-bound. Here's a little taste for those who life far away:

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