Wednesday, March 4

Wish list: Indietracks Festival

How unfair is it not to be a millionaire? Him and I constantly daydream about a life filled exclusively of festivals and gig-hopping in Northern Europe, such as the newly announced 3rd edition of Indietracks. The event celebrates the 20th anniversary of Spanish-based Elefant Records, whose team of curators have put together an amazing line-up including Lucky Soul, Speedmarket Avenue, recently discovered One Happy Island, our dearest BMX Bandits and many other popsters. Camera Obscura fills one out of two headlining spots already announced to take part on the weekend adventure that includes three stages (one is a church!), a petting farm and unlimited rides on the steam railway.

If Oprah is listening, could she please spare a couple of wishful kids a couple thousand quids to help with airfare? We will take pictures with the llamas and bring you a t-shirt of your favourite band!

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