Saturday, April 18

Home Schooling: Saddy Sessions

Who doesn't love a penthouse? The one in question comes equipped with three floors, a massive television set (complete with a top-notch home theater), a baby grand piano and a cozy veranda, all of which allow many sorts of activities ranging from band rehearsal to Playstation tournaments. The lovable (and very welcoming) homeowner is Pelvs's own keyboard player, André Saddy, a fan of progressive rock, jazz and great barbecues. He is also the producer of the critically acclaimed Loki, a documentary recounting the life of Mutantes leader Arnaldo Baptista.

Last night marked another Friday evening hang out at Chez Saddy, kicking off with several hours of a fierce Winning 11 tournament. The chosen soundtrack included J Mascis's Martin + Me, a live record from 1996 featuring him and his beloved guitar on heartfelt acoustic Dino Jr renditions and a couple of covers. To borrow a quote from a fellow fan:

"On Martin and Me, J Mascis sings terribly, plays sloppily, showcases no new material, and covers the horrible, atavistic Lynard Skynard. This album is so much fun!"

Next came Ricardo's unlikely pick of a oldie but goodie Maldita hit dating back to the Ghetto days, I wish I was skinny by lo-fi darlings Boo Radleys. Soon followed the ever-classic Hatful of Hollow, gearing everyone up for the telecommunications event of the season: a live Coachella webcast of two of Britain's finest lads, Mr. Morrisey and Sir Paul McCartney. Over two hours of a glitchless commercial-free near-high definition transmission of a concert taking place thousands of miles away... where did the last century go?

During the stage set-up interval, there was still time for some Chet in Paris, celebrating the overall consensus that the only way Saddy's penthouse could be any better would be if it was actually in Paris.
One hell of a Friday night, by all means.

(more of Chez Saddy's picks here)

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  1. J Mascis always sings terribly
    that's his 'thing'. He likes to travel through pitch...a terror to authomatic tuners
    but his guitar playing is da-bomb.