Monday, June 15

Consolation Prizes

There was clearly no way Andrew Kenny was going to manage sitting quietly for long, especially after so prematurely disbanding beloved American Analog Set. Combining fellow regular contributors Chris Michaels and Leslie Sisson with David Wingo (originally of Ola Podrida and indie film scoring fame), along comes The Wooden Birds and their gorgeous debut, Magnolia. It resonates more like All-Time Quarterback and other more mellow, folk-friendly Kenny projects, but that is a great thing:

Speaking of spin-offs, what was once a couple of modest tracks on two compilations has now blossomed into a full-length album for dearly missed Alun Woodward (formerly of Delgados), under the name Lord Cut-Glass. Savour on a little nib while waiting for the official Chemikal Underground release on June 23rd.

Otherwise, see you all tonight for some of the very best of what you haven't heard yet!

Sunday, June 14

Maldita Hits: Lykke Li - Little Bit

A little bit of a cheat, He'd say, since this isn't the original. But how to leave unmentioned such amazing kind of talented sincerity?

And with her blessing and everything? Just couldn't.

Soft disturbance in the dead-fall

There are many things to be said about The Hazards of Love:

However, talk is cheap when the wanting comes in waves.

The King of Win

He would be the first to point out there is no irony lost in the only indie song titled after my name being Drug Song for Paula (and by a Scottish band, nonetheless). Admittedly, Arab Strap doesn't rank amongst my favourites of Northern Britain, but it's co-leading man, Malcolm Middleton, is a whole different story.

The first chapter begins with:

Malcolm himself has since dejected his persona from those gloomy times. But on that first Midwestern winter, that melody resonated more hauntingly amazing than depressing - not much unlike the season itself. Between a first tornado scare, inseparable pea coats, board games on New Year's eve, a St. Patrick's day properly celebrated, home was a place to enjoy quietly inside the heart, contemplating the surface of a truth priory (and wrongly) only reserved for afterthoughts: music is what feelings sound like.

We are home now and there's nothing to regret.

Saturday, June 13

Shed of Joy

For personal reasons, New Jersey hasn't been registering as much more than Trash-State-Area-hellmouth lately, but what do you know? Lovely Jenny Owen Youngs is here to change everything.

Following a mind-swinging tie of His soccer team this afternoon came an awesomely-loud listening session of the new Dinosaur Jr album, Starlight Mints and some Tortoise. He finally simmered down enough for (with?) the tenderness of our girl's newest Transmitter Failure.

Through songs accessible enough in their delicate coziness, yet intricate enough to put her above many of her contemporaries, a quite powerful voice emerges behind that ludic expression. Don't be fooled, you're next to fall in love:

Not that having a podcast called Once More With Feeling wouldn't have been reason enough.