Saturday, June 13

Shed of Joy

For personal reasons, New Jersey hasn't been registering as much more than Trash-State-Area-hellmouth lately, but what do you know? Lovely Jenny Owen Youngs is here to change everything.

Following a mind-swinging tie of His soccer team this afternoon came an awesomely-loud listening session of the new Dinosaur Jr album, Starlight Mints and some Tortoise. He finally simmered down enough for (with?) the tenderness of our girl's newest Transmitter Failure.

Through songs accessible enough in their delicate coziness, yet intricate enough to put her above many of her contemporaries, a quite powerful voice emerges behind that ludic expression. Don't be fooled, you're next to fall in love:

Not that having a podcast called Once More With Feeling wouldn't have been reason enough.

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