Sunday, January 3

Of All Times: The Avi Buffalo Edition

As witnessed in many wickedly magniloquent top lists, music lovers have a soft spot for bold, hyperbolic statements, an activity He excels at above pretty much everyone else. "Of All Times" is an expression most commonly heard (but not limited to) after a few long necks or a surprising playlist entry. It's His equivalent to my seasonal obsessive loop-overplay gorging and this month it comes courtesy of Long Beachers Avi Buffalo and their first single What's it in for?.

Albeit innocent, Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg youthful talent carries a level of honesty and creativity well beyond what any of us skeptic geezers would expect from a recent high school graduate from southern California. His accomplishments are not a product of trying too hard, a sin most teenagers are guilty of indulging, making their spring 2010 debut (out on Subpop) already one of the most exciting new acts to watch out for this year. In the American Scenester vs. Hipster wars, the only real winner is the authenticity of those who stay away from it, and in Avi Buffalo, there's plenty of it to go around:

Here's to a 2010 full of All Times like these.

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