Thursday, February 4

Soon enough

Speaking of unconditional love:


Minds roll over

House favourite Broken Social Scene has promised a whole new batch of love preaching for this May 4th, marking their first group record since their self-titled 2005 effort. The family has expanded beyond the usual suspects to officially include Sam Goldberg as the new resident guitarist and Lisa Lobsinger (of Reverie Sound Revue) as the main female vocalist. Production comes courtesy of John McEntire (of Tortoise and The Sea & Cake fame) who has brought some notorious guests to the party including members of his own bands and Pavement's own Spiral Stairs (Broken Stairs Scene in the works?).

Pitchfork has more details on what can be expected from the album directly from main man Kevin Drew, who dished about past and present recording processes (never underestimate the power of late night drunk advice) as well as details on the family expansion. A spring tour kicks off on May 1st in San Francisco, but until then, here's some of the lovely music that saved our lives:

The tricks indeed look good.