Friday, March 26

Best Band of All Times: The Besnard Lakes edition

In spite of life-changing, reality-bending plans to see Pavement live this spring, all efforts seem moot upon His impossibility of shaking off the notion we might miss the only possible (and yet to be announced) Besnard Lakes concert date in the UK, before they're back to America to finish off their tour. Unfortunately for Stockton, the Montreal natives have temporarily stolen the limelight and currently (if not ephemerously) have a tight grip on the Best Band of All Times title.

To celebrate, they played their first television appearance yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

They are actually celebrating their most recent release Are the Roaring Night, which itself has crowned their earlier issue Are the Dark Horse with the Uncanny Irony of All Times title.

For now, that is.

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