Saturday, April 3

Maldita Hits: Beach House - Lover of Mine

This has been a long time coming since the 2008 Explosions in the Sky ATP when Beach House stuck out more like a sore New England hobo vintage thumb than their own musical selves. In a weekend amongst unprecedented show-stoppers of the likes of Broken Social Scene, Jens Lekman debuting Night Falls over Kordetala and a Dino Jr. double billing (complete with a random air-drumming Mascis spotting), it was tough for the Maryland duo to make a solid statement.

Fortunately, His everlasting patience for newbie acts endurred past Butlins grounds and eventually paved its way to the dance floor with the help of their second effort Teen Dream (...pop?), out last January on Subpop. Everyone deserves a second chance, don't they?

And they have a tour tumblr! Will real talent thrive in lieu of hipster bias this time around? Stay tuned for further Primavera impressions...