Wednesday, July 7

Sentimental us

Not too long ago, He wasn't mine to keep, only to admire. Back in those days, recommendations came in the form of dance floor hits or late night goodbyes disguised as songs (or was it the other way around?). The Innocence Mission marked His first musical suggestion after having officiated the relationship, just days before embarking on a hectic yet unforgettable trip to Europe. Suits this story just fine that the band is formed by the incredibly inspired coupling of Karen Peris uniquely sweet voice aided by her own hubby's guitar talents.

In the wake of their 9th (!) studio album to be released this July 13th, here's a favourite from their 2007 effort, We walked in song which first opened the (so regrettably late-for-the-party) vault to all their allurement:

It's about time everyone hops in this ride.